Friday, April 5, 2013

Support Your Worship Leader

I've experienced worship songs under many different worship leaders over the years. Some were off-the-chain great and others not so much.

There were times of worship when hours seemed like minutes and times when minutes seemed like hours. Those were the times I had to remind myself that God asks for a sacrifice of praise and that is what I offered to Him...a sacrifice of praise, because my flesh sure wasn't feelin' it. (But it's not about our flesh, is it?)

Maybe you have a worship leader whom you love and support. You might look forward to worship service on Sunday mornings, and that is truly a blessing!

But maybe you're not a fan of your worship leader and you dread the worship service. Maybe you slink into your seat late so you can miss the singing altogether. I'd like to encourage you to bring the sacrifice of praise and remember worship is about our adoration and focus on God, not you.

Keep in mind that your pastor and staff have prayed for God's man (or woman) to lead your worship songs. Since they've heard from God, it's your job to support them; don't have a critical spirit when it comes to your worship leader.

Please don't complain to your pastor about the style of music you sing on a Sunday morning. It's not about the style, but the substance. You're there to worship Jesus. If you struggle with the style (and I have in the past), pray and ask God to help you have a pure heart before HIM.

Remember, not every song leader will appeal to everybody - pastors cannot possibly make everybody happy in their choice for a worship leader. But it is your choice whether or not you will support the leader God has placed as your "lead worshipper".

Support your worship leader and bless your pastor!

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