Since June 1983, I've been involved on leadership teams for music ministry, women's ministry, and youth ministry at my church.

I worked in the church office as an assistant to the Women's Ministry Director for almost 3 years, I was also the wedding coordinator for 10 years, and an administrative assistant to the Food Service manager for one-and-a-half years.

I've worked with many and diverse people and walked through a wide variety of situations. I've seen the ugliness of sin close up, as well as the rejoicing of one set free! I've spent time one-on-one ministering to others as well as ministering behind the scenes, even running a sound board for Tuesday morning women's Bible study.

I've learned from some of the most gifted leaders I could ever be blessed to know!

In April 2012 my husband and I were called to leave our church family of 30 years to attend a small church with one of those aforementioned gifted leaders. A couple of months later, in June 2012, I was hired as the Office Manager. I've worked in a church office for nearly 15 years, but never as an assistant to the senior pastor.

As I've talked with Pastor I've become aware of struggles and concerns that have never crossed my mind before. I'm seeing ministry from a whole new perspective, and it has certainly caused me to pray for my church family with greater focus.

At one point I was feeling a little lost and overwhelmed with all that goes into being an assistant to a senior pastor. My friend is an administrative assistant to her senior pastor, so I asked her to mentor me. At our first meeting she suggested I read, "How To Help Your Pastor Succeed" by Dave Williams. I downloaded it to my Kindle app and had it read within 4 days.

This ministry was inspired by what I read in Pastor Dave's book, along with some of the conversations I've had with my own pastor. There are so many ways we can help and bless our pastors, whether we're part of a leadership team, or a member of a congregation. It's my desire to share ideas with you and to learn from your ideas, so that we can bless our pastors and make their job easier.

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I am the Office Manager and Personal Assistant to Pastor Keith Hemmila at Crossfire Church, but the views expressed on this blog are solely mine. I do not speak for, nor am I necessarily endorsed by, the pastors or leadership at Crossfire Church.