Friday, March 8, 2013

Got A Minute?

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I feel bad for pastors. I know they chose the profession they are in, well, that's not right - they obeyed God's call to the profession they are in - but being the face of his church and preaching every week, makes him somewhat of a celebrity.

People have problems they want to discuss, issues they face, or tough circumstances they may need advice on, and they always want to talk to the pastor. Unless they have a relationship with one of the associate pastors, only the senior pastor will do.

I've seen people who want to talk with their senior pastor so badly that they will interrupt him while at an event, a banquet or a meeting. Ah-hah! It's their opportunity to grab him and have his undivided attention!

Not so. His attention is divided, even if he's professional enough not to let it show; but he'd probably rather be enjoying his dinner or getting home to his family after the meeting.

This doesn't mean he doesn't care for you - he does! But he could spend all day with the "quick-a-minute" conversations people stop him to have and then never have time to study and prepare for Sunday's sermon or spend quality time with his wife.

Please be considerate of your pastor and his time; senior pastors are bombarded from all sides. Allow him the privacy he needs to be just an ordinary man. If you have a concern or problem, ask yourself if it's something a small group leader or associate pastor can help you with. If not, then please call your pastor's assistant and make an appointment. By meeting him at a time that is convenient for him you can be sure you will truly have his undivided attention and you will bless your pastor!

Pastors, what would you like to add to this topic?

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