Friday, March 15, 2013

Waste Time With God

I spoke with a friend last week who told me she likes to "waste time with God". While doing her devotions and praying one day, the devil told her she was wasting time; there were dishes to be done, errands to run, and other things on her to-do list, so why was she wasting time with her Bible? She decided that was the perfect way to waste time...with God!

Why waste time with God? Here are five reasons:

You need to hear from Him.
He will have something to teach you, or just encouragement for you. Listen for His still small voice.

You need knowledge from Him.
If you're not reading your Bible, how will you know what's in it? You can't give out to other people if you haven't first filled yourself up.

You need direction from Him.
When you spend time with God He'll give you direction. Either for a situation that will arise during the day or maybe for life-changing events.

You need to worship Him.
Spending time with Him is worship. Without God we are nothing. We need to take time to acknowledge His greatness and thank Him for what He's done in our lives. (And He's done some amazing things for us!)

It will help you in your area of ministry.
You'll feel fresher, have more passion and clear focus for what God wants to do through you. He'll give you insights and creative ways to minister. Knowing you're doing what God has called you to do will keep you energized!

There are many reasons why we should waste time with God. What reasons would you add to this list?