Friday, April 19, 2013

A Novel Idea

Pastors love to hear from their people, especially when it comes to a special word that God has given them or the great things God is doing in their lives.

You may be afraid to write to your pastor because you think he receives too much mail and doesn't care about yours. Nonsense! Those special letters always brighten his day and remind him that his ministry is having a positive effect in the lives of the people he shepherds.

Maybe you think nothing of writing a letter to your pastor to celebrate God's goodness to you. You may write often, and your pastor loves that too! I often hear my pastor shouting praise to God when good things happen to "our people".

Whichever letter-writing style is yours, I'd like to encourage you with

Two Things To Keep In Mind When Writing:

  • Write legibly so Pastor doesn't need to struggle with what you're trying to say. He may get frustrated at the time it takes to decipher your handwriting and move on.

  • Keep your letter as brief as possible. Don't lose your point by going down rabbit trails. Flowery language and non-essential information can make a story too hard to read. Mention the highlights and if he has further questions, he can contact you.

Pastors, what other letter-writing procedures would you recommend?

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